International Journal Of Community Service <p><strong>International Journal Of Community Service (IJCS)</strong> is to provide a community service medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of community service results that support high-level community service. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding all fields Community Service and Social.</p> CV. Inara en-US International Journal Of Community Service 2797-2984 Strengthening Marketing Innovation In MSMEs Business Incubators In Kraftangan Malaysia Selangor Branch <p>The International community service partners are MSMEs business <br />incubators under the auspices of Kraftangan Malaysia Selangor Branch. The <br />purpose of community service activities is to increase partners' awareness of <br />the importance of innovation, one of which is marketing innovation in order <br />to develop and improve the business performance of MSMEs. The activity <br />method is to provide education to partners through counseling programs. The <br />result of community service is an increase in partners' knowledge about <br />marketing innovation in the form of product innovation and packaging to be <br />able to develop in their business.</p> Audita Nuvriasari Norlaile Binti Salleh Hudin Hasim As’ari Noraine binti Salleh Hudin Copyright (c) 2023 Audita Nuvriasari, Norlaile Binti Salleh Hudin, Hasim As’ari, Noraine binti Salleh Hudin 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 126 131 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.214 The Law Of Riba Money Is Used For The Hajj Worship <p>The purpose of this community service activity is to find out about the <br />Legal Study of Riba Money Used for Hajj Pilgrimage which was <br />presented in the Naharul Ijtima NU (Nahdlatul Ulama) of South <br />Labuhanbatu Regency. This study is also to understand the law of usury <br />money used in pilgrimage so that it has an impact on the lawful or <br />unlawful use of usury money. The assessment method uses participatory <br />methods, lectures and discussions as well as interesting questions and <br />answers. This activity was carried out on July 1 2022 with the number of <br />participants who took part in the study consisting of 35 people located at <br />the NU PC Secretariat Labuhanbatu Selatan. For this reason, through <br />this activity it is possible to increase shared understanding regarding the <br />use of usury money in pilgrimage with studies that say usury is like what <br />the exact conceptual paradigm is. The types of law that are certain are <br />halal and haram. Based on the study it was found that the law of usury <br />money being used for pilgrimage is unlawful. Therefore, an in-depth <br />study must be at the core of what is said to be what usury is like. Riba is <br />additional taking, both in buying and selling transactions and lending <br />and borrowing in vanity or contrary to the principles of muamalah in <br />Islam. For this reason, we hope that this research activity can fortify us <br />not to commit usury, in essence, we do not earn money that is contrary to <br />Islamic law in terms of additional withdrawals, both in buying and <br />selling transactions and lending and borrowing.</p> Aziddin Harahap Hasmi Syahputra Harahap Arman Harahap Copyright (c) 2023 Aziddin Harahap, Hasmi Syahputra Harahap, Arman Harahap 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 132 137 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.202 Optimizing The Use Of Social Media And The Importance Of Financial Management For Smes/Smes In Pematang Siantar City <p>MSMEs are the foundation of the people's economy that supports the nation's economy. <br />In Indonesia, MSMEs contribute a lot to the regional budget. The position of MSMEs is <br />considered very significant because this sector is not only a source of livelihood, but also <br />provides direct and indirect employment opportunities for people with relatively low <br />levels of knowledge and skills. During Covid-19, MSMEs experienced a significant <br />decline. Do not escape MSMEs in Pematangsiantar City. Many MSMEs are confused <br />because their companies are hindered and cannot even develop. Globally, supply chains <br />have weakened due to the impact of Covid-19 due to restrictions in several surrounding <br />areas, commodity prices have fallen, and the possibility of a global economic crisis has <br />increased. The urgency of carrying out this community service activity with the theme of <br />the Workshop on Optimizing the Use of Social Media and the Importance of Financial <br />Management for IKM/UKM Actors in Pematang Siantar City is to provide additional <br />understanding and knowledge to IKM/UKM owners as well as strategies to increase <br />turnover from sales made. The method used in carrying out this activity is through <br />lectures and discussions related to the topic of service. The stages of implementing this <br />event include opening and explaining social media that is often used by consumers, <br />strategies for using social media, explaining the importance of financial management <br />and existing financial reports for a business. After the community service activities are <br />completed, follow-up interviews are conducted regarding the impact of the community <br />service activities. In accordance with the results of the interviews, it is known that the <br />understanding of SME/UKM actors regarding social media knowledge and financial <br />management has increased by 90%.</p> <p><em> </em></p> Darwin Lie Nana Triapnita Nainggolan Lora Ekana Nainggolan Heri Pandapotan Silitonga Debi Eka Putri Copyright (c) 2023 Darwin Lie, Nana Triapnita Nainggolan, Lora Ekana Nainggolan, Heri Pandapotan Silitonga, Debi Eka Putri 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 138 143 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.194 Education And Strengthening Of Al Chasanah Students In Preventing Hiv/Aids Among Youth <p><em>The present study reports the newest comprehensive study after pandemic era for the Infectious Disease acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) the number of people living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) continues to grow, this needs to be balanced with efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS. </em><em>The present study reports the comprehensive study after pandemic era for the prevention and education of Infectious Disease acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) among youth</em><em> in Al-Chasanah high school</em><em>, </em><em>Jakarta Indonesia, </em><em>caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) the number of people living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) continues to grow, this needs to be balanced with efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS since earlier</em><em>.</em><em> This type of research was quantitative with educational preventive counseling. The characteristics of adolescents who are unstable so that they are easily influenced by the environment, it is necessary to instill various positive information to support adolescent cognitive development. It is hoped that adolescents will have positive (cognitive) knowledge which will continue in other aspects of attitudes, namely positive (affective) feelings that arise in adolescents, so that they also influence the tendency of adolescents to behave positively (conatively). In conclusion, that every student can understand and experience progress after the distribution of material. This can be compared with the pre-test and post-test diagrams where the average student can answer the test with the same questions before and after the distribution of material education.</em></p> Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi Intan Silviana Mustikawati Mohamad Reza Hilmy Zairil Zairil Sukardi Sukardi Arman Harahap Copyright (c) 2023 Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Intan Silviana Mustikawati, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Zairil Zairil, Sukardi Sukardi, Arman Harahap 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 144 150 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.211 “Te’undur” Techniques for Sleep Disorders <p>Individuals who have hypertension often experience Complex <br />issues such as sleep disturbances, pain, anxiety, and family <br />support are low. So that individuals experience limitations in <br />carrying out activities and are still dependent on other people <br />around him. Non-pharmacological interventions with The retreat <br />method can have a positive impact on the elderly who experience <br />sleep disorders due to hypertension to maintain its life and always <br />respond to the environment Surrounding. This community service <br />is carried out in the village Tambak Baru ilir Martapura District, <br />Banjar Regency City South Kalimantan. The measurement results <br />obtained data that the elderly who experienced mild sleep <br />disorders as much as 81.8% and those who experienced moderate <br />sleep disorders as much as 18.2%. Te'undur is effective in <br />overcoming sleep problems in the elderly caused by hypertension.<br />Te'undur technique can provide relaxation / calm to respondents <br />spiritually by saying istighfar or hamdalah accompanied by deep <br />breathing techniques and loosening the muscles of the body.</p> Diana Pefbrianti Devi Hairina Lestari Diana Pefbrianti Copyright (c) 2023 Diana Pefbrianti, Devi Hairina Lestari, Diana Pefbrianti 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 151 155 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.203 Encouraging Entrepreneurial Orientation in The Traditional Craftsman Community in Tigawasa Village, Buleleng, Bali <p><em>The traditional craftsman community as a creative business is inherent in people's lives and is part of the microeconomic structure, becoming the daily economic activities of the community, especially bamboo woven craftsmen in the people of Tigawasa Village, Buleleng, Bali. The business activities of the traditional craftsman community are fundamental to encouraging the growth of the community's creative economy because these businesses are easy to set up, and do not require large resources. So often the business of this traditional craftsman community becomes a driving force for the creative economy with unique characteristics which is a sustainable competitive advantage for future. However, on the other hand, micro-enterprises of traditional craftsman community face various obstacles, including limited business capital, low entrepreneurial orientation of human resources, and inadequate mastery of technology and knowledge. This community service aims to encourage an entrepreneurial orientation in the traditional craftsman community in Tigawasa Village, Buleleng, Bali. The method of community service is a participatory action research approach that is oriented towards empowering and developing entrepreneurship and placing traditional craftsman communities as the main actors in developing the people's economy. These community service found three results, First, there is a change in the understanding and understanding of the traditional craftsmen community in Tigawasa Village regarding the importance of the entrepreneurial orientation role that craftsmen must have if they wish to be able to continue their business on an ongoing basis in the future. Second, the traditional craftsman community understands the practices and decision-making activities that lead to new entry, principally through risk-taking, innovation, proactive behaviors, and autonomy. Third, the traditional artisan community agrees that if they want to produce superior performance, they must have a strong entrepreneurial orientation. Because companies that have an entrepreneurial orientation show an increase in the number of products and services as well as growth in market share in order to survive and compete successfully</em><em>.</em></p> Kusumawijaya Ida Ketut Partiwi Dwi Astuti Copyright (c) 2023 Kusumawijaya Ida Ketut, Partiwi Dwi Astuti 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 156 160 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.212 Community Empowerment Through Amil School For The Enhancement Of Productive Zakat Management <p>Various elements of society and the government are now concerned with the <br />professional and institutional administration of zakat so that it may have a systemic <br />effect on society, namely the establishment of an independent and prosperous <br />society. This article's purpose is to provide a comprehensive picture of community <br />empowerment through amil schools and the administration of productive zakat. The <br />method utilized in this activity is training through the provision of two-part material <br />on the law of zakat and community empowerment. Community service activities in <br />the form of productive zakat management training through community empowerment <br />were avidly attended by delegates from service offices and recipients of partner <br />scholarships for this activity, as demonstrated by the results of this activity. Partners <br />carry out the productive zakat program through community empowerment, which is <br />dispersed across multiple program areas, including economics, education, social, <br />health, and calamity, and has a long-term impact through community empowerment <br />activities. Participants can increase their knowledge, experience, and perspectives <br />on the significance of productive zakat management as a result of this activity, as <br />productive zakat management in the form of community empowerment is able to <br />reduce poverty levels in society.</p> M Makhrus Ibnu Hasan Selamet Eko Budi Santoso Copyright (c) 2023 M Makhrus, Ibnu Hasan, Selamet Eko Budi Santoso 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 161 166 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.209 Tourismpreneurship: Community Empowerment to Strengthen Digital-Based Tourism Economic Synergy in the Tomini Bay Area, Botubarani, Bone Bolango Regency <pre style="text-align: justify;"><span class="y2iqfc"><em><span lang="EN-ID" style="font-size: 9.0pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman','serif';">The coastal area is currently a trending spot for tourists who want to enjoy a vacation. Even now travelers are hunting for beach tourism as a diving spot for holidays, including the coast of the Tomini Bay area. Most of the Tomini Bay area is a tourist destination for local and international tourists. However, unfortunately the charm of beach tourism in the Tomini Bay area has not been broadcast nationally or internationally, either in the form of image documentation or cinematic infographics. Therefore, the purpose of this community service is to empower the community in edutourism through English language training and tourism promotion, the beach care movement, and the accessibility of tourism promotion through digital-based and bilingual cinematic infographics (virtual tour). This program is used as an initial step to form a tourism awareness group (POKDARWIS) for the Botubarani community as a form of continuing the program to strengthen the community's economy so that it is not swallowed up by the masses. This program will later form self-help and self-help groups that grow from, by and for the community as a destination for village tourism development, especially the Tomini Bay area. It is hoped that this program will be the first step to deliver Botubarani village as a tourist destination not only on a national scale, but also on an international scale.</span></em></span></pre> Haris Danial Agus Hakri Bokingo Syahrial Syahrial Copyright (c) 2023 Haris Danial, Agus Hakri Bokingo, Syahrial Syahrial 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 167 174 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.216 Capital Fulfillment Strategy For Trigona Honey Bee Smes In Balangan Sembung Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency <p>Bali has started to develop honey bee cultivation of the stingless bee type. The type of honey <br />bee that is widely cultivated by the people of Bali is the Trigona laevicep species known as <br />"snake-kele" The cultivation of the honey bee kele-kele (Trigona Sp) is now being eyed by <br />the public, because the results of this beekeeping are very promising, while in terms of <br />investment costs it is not too big and this bee doesn't sting. Br Balangan, Sembung village, is <br />one of the villages that has been cultivating honey bees, but they do not understand how <br />efforts should be made to increase the number of bee colonies due to limited capital. <br />Through the addition of bee colonies, it is hoped that the amount of production will increase <br />and be profitable in the long term. In response to this, the University of Waradewa <br />Community Service team provided assistance with the Strategy for fulfilling UKM Capital <br />for the group of honeysuckle beekeepers at Br. Balangan, Sembung Village, Mengwi <br />District, Badung Regency.. Honey is a commodity from non-timber forest products (HHBK) <br />which has many benefits, and there is quite a high demand for consumer honey for catfish <br />honey, but currently the production of honey is still low due to a lack of colonies/ nest of <br />sorrel. Breeders need to add more colonies by buying plots of catfish that already have <br />queens from Kalimantan. In order to increase the capital of the breeders, it is necessary to <br />provide assistance in determining the Strategy for fulfilling the Capital for UKM Honey <br />Bees Trigona Sp. in Br. Balangan. Through the fulfillment of capital, honey production can <br />increase so that Br. Balangan becomes a village producing catfish honey.</p> Ni Made Rustini I Ketut Selamet A. A. Sri Purnami Copyright (c) 2023 Ni Made Rustini, I Ketut Selamet, A. A. Sri Purnami 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 175 178 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.201 The Enhancement Of Entrepreneurial Competence For Primary Education <p>The purpose of this activity was to improve the competence of elementary <br />school teachers related to the renewal of the entrepreneurial profession <br />through the approach of student aspirations.This community service <br />activity was implemented in collaboration between IBI Kosgoro 1957 <br />Republic of Indonesia, Shinhan University Republic of Korea and SDN <br />11 Lenteng Agung Republic of Indonesia. The method of service activities <br />consists of counselling and discussion activities. he programme had a <br />good effect. It turned out that 22 per cent of students changed their <br />aspirations to become entrepreneurs.The change of aspiration indicated <br />the effect of the programme implementation.Based on the analysis of the <br />teacher response questionnaire on the usefulness of the programme, one <br />hundred percent stated that this service activity increased their <br />knowledge. The success of the programme was driven by the open <br />attitude of primary school teachers and students and the participation of <br />all partners who were very supportive of the programme implementation.</p> Reny Andriyanty Dodi Wahab Ahmad Nurdin Hasibuan Haswan Yunaz Asrof Murfidiyanto Sunarsih Jong Yoon Park So Jung Lee Seung Hee Bae Copyright (c) 2023 Reny Andriyanty, Dodi Wahab, Ahmad Nurdin Hasibuan, Haswan Yunaz, Asrof Murfidiyanto, Sunarsih, Jong Yoon Park, So Jung Lee, Seung Hee Bae 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 179 185 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.207 Women Farmers Group Participation in Empowering Local Food Security <p>Women's participation in socio-economic development at the local level is <br />important and strategic because women have two roles as actors in developing a <br />household by taking care of children and helping in the family economy. This study <br />aims to the participation of farmer women's groups in empowering local food <br />security as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in Cilacap Regency, <br />Central Java Province, Indonesia. This study used the Participatory Learning and <br />Action (PLA) method to involve 20 informants from members and administrators of <br />the Women Farmers Group (WFG) of Sumber Pathedan and 14 academics, namely <br />lecturers and students. Data were collected through interviews, Focus Group <br />Discussions (FGD), observation, and documentation with participatory analysis to <br />produce natural and sustainable reality constructions. The results showed that <br />WFG had the motivation and cohesiveness to become an entrepreneur after <br />receiving socio-economic empowerment in the form of cultivating food security for <br />vegetables and post-harvest processed products from the CSR program. However, it <br />requires program sustainability such as assistance to continue to be able to harvest <br />productively in the dry season. Then it requires the support of home production <br />equipment and supplies to increase the productivity of postharvest products.</p> Rili Windiasih Lilik Kartika Sari Shinta Prastyanti Adhi Iman Sulaiman Toto Sugito Copyright (c) 2023 Rili Windiasih, Lilik Kartika Sari, Shinta Prastyanti, Adhi Iman Sulaiman, Toto Sugito 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 186 194 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.200 Religious Learning Using The Sing A Song Method At The Sungai Buloh Guidance Center, Kuala Lumpur <p>Based on the results of observations and preliminary studies, it was found that students' ability <br />to understand religious subjects at the Sungai Buloh Guidance Studio, Kuala Lumpur, was still <br />low, this was evidenced by the process and learning outcomes. This activity is usually held once <br />a week at the Sungai Buloh Guidance Studio. In the activity of conveying religious learning <br />material, there were educators who delivered religious subjects using non-cooperative methods. <br />It was found that when students received religious subject matter, there was a delay. Then there <br />has been no maximum effort to use the cooperative method to increase students' understanding <br />of religious subject matter by educators. The solution offered to the Sungai Buloh Guidance <br />Center is to provide training to educators using the Sing A Song Method in delivering religious <br />subject matter to students. The Sing A Song method is a way of teaching and introducing <br />religious subject matter with a singing method that uses certain lyrics that are sung. Usually the <br />lyrics of the songs are adjusted to the subject matter that will be taught to students which is done <br />repeatedly in this training. Initially, educators were given the opportunity to make song lyrics <br />adapted to the subject matter and then also adapted to the tunes of songs that were easy for <br />students to memorize. Then educators practice how to deliver and teach directly to students, and <br />later will be accompanied by mentors provided. After that an evaluation was carried out, by <br />means of which the participants read one verse of the Koran, so that they could find out the level <br />of understanding that had been achieved.</p> Fanreza Robie Nurman Ginting Arwin Juli Rakhmadi Riyan Pradesyah Copyright (c) 2023 Fanreza Robie, Nurman Ginting, Arwin Juli Rakhmadi, Riyan Pradesyah 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 195 198 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.198 Business Management Assistance For Small Micro Enterprises (Msmes), And Entrepreneurial Strategies In The Barangay San Isidro Area, Rodriquez Rizal Philippines <p>This International Community service aims to conduct service activities for lecturers in collaboration <br />with international parties. In this case, the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of 17 August <br />1945 Surabaya, collaborates with the College of Business Administration Adamson University Manila, <br />Philippines. This activity conducted business management assistance, product/service marketing <br />strategies, managing finances for small micro enterprises (MSMEs), and entrepreneurial strategies in <br />the Barangay San Isidro area, Rodriquez Rizal Philippines. MSMEs in this area had effortless <br />management, which applied no business management, even though the business competition is tight <br />here. Given the importance of this, Adamson University Manila Philippines took the initiative to provide <br />assistance and training on business management in collaboration with lecturers from the University of <br />17 August 1945 Surabaya. Assistance and training activities were carried out for 16 hours on May 11 <br />and 13, 2023. After the activities were carried out, the participants were very enthusiastic. They tried <br />hard to manage the business by implementing proper management and marketing strategies, such as <br />presenting their products well and offering goods to customers. Some have even dared to provide <br />delivery services so that their turnover has increased and the business becomes more successful.</p> siti Mujanah Sumiati Sumiati Ruben M. Nayve, Jr Anthony Mark Pejegria Copyright (c) 2023 siti Mujanah, Sumiati Sumiati, Ruben M. Nayve, Jr, Anthony Mark Pejegria 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 199 204 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.210 Digital-Based Entrepreneurship Development, Investment Socialization And Marketing Of Asipa Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises In South Tangerang City, Banten <p>This service examines the development of entrepreneurship in the new normal <br />period through training, with steps that can be taken to empower business actors in <br />the development of ASIPA MSMEs in South Tangerang City. Training methods <br />using offline and online media. While this service is an effort to socialize <br />investment and marketing for micro, small and medium enterprises at the Creative <br />Industries and Business Actors Association (ASIPA) based on digitalization by <br />participating in training, marketing, obtaining tips for successfully investing in the <br />Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and financially investing in shares (PT. NH <br />Korindo). This training conducts interactive coaching and socialization about the <br />ease of doing business for MSME actors from participants of the Creative <br />Industries and Business Actors Association (ASIPA) is always active in government <br />programs to support income increase for MSME entrepreneurs consistently <br />marketing through social media; Online stores, marketplaces, booths in malls, <br />bazaars, and on websites to optimize facilities and keep up with the times. Thus, the <br />Social Piety Index will form economic development in the community of Serua <br />Village, Ciputat District, South Tangerang City, Banten.</p> Sri Yulianti Ani Nuraini Titus Indrajaya Maya Sova Sakti Brata Ismaya Rushadiyati Rushadiyati Copyright (c) 2023 Sri Yulianti, Ani Nuraini, Titus Indrajaya, Maya Sova, Sakti Brata Ismaya, Rushadiyati Rushadiyati 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 205 212 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.208 Customer Management at Gig's Batik MSMEs to Build Customer Loyalty <p>This community service activity aims to: (1). Increase partners' understanding of the importance of building customer <br />loyalty, (2). Upgrade partners' knowledge and skills in managing customer databases so that they can be used for <br />implementing further marketing programs such as: providing information on new products or to promote products, and <br />(3). Broaden partners' insights in managing customer loyalty as one of the bases to support improving MSMEs business <br />performance. The method used in this community service activity is through outreach activities, training and monitoring <br />or mentoring program implementation. The results of the implementation of the community service program indicate an <br />increase in partners' knowledge regarding the importance of building customer loyalty, managing customer data and an <br />increase in partners' skills in documenting customer databases. Besides that, partners also have additional knowledge <br />about managing customer loyalty Based on the programs that have been implemented, it can be concluded that customer <br />relationship management is an important key to building customer loyalty. For this reason, entrepreneurs need to focus <br />on consumers so that they feel satisfied and are willing to make repeated purchases of the products offered by MSMEs.</p> Audita Nuvriasari Audita Nuvriasari Jauhar Zaharsah Fanny Agustin Khoiriah Shanas Eko Yulianto Copyright (c) 2023 Audita Nuvriasari, Audita Nuvriasari, Jauhar Zaharsah, Fanny Agustin, Khoiriah Shanas, Eko Yulianto 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 213 218 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.215 Family Communication Literacy Education and Social Marketing in Health Center West Java Indonesia <p><em>The present study reports study after pandemic era for family communication literacy and social marketing activities carried out by cadres in promoting the Kenanga Depok posyandu program, in West Java, Indonesia. Posyandu which is a form of Community-Based Health Efforts is managed and organized by, for, and with the community. In the context of carrying out health development, by empowering the community and providing opportunities for the community to receive basic health services. It has a goal to reduce maternal and child mortality. Becomes interesting to describe the social marketing activities of posyandu cadres as the spearhead of the national health program. This study uses a qualitative approach with a case study method and data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews. Theories used in this study include health communication theory and social marketing. Meanwhile, secondary data was obtained from posyandu documents and research notes during field observations. The results of this study indicate that posyandu cadres use health promotion strategies that are persuasive, educative, and innovative. This persuasive effort is shown through the intensive mentoring strategies and direct socialization styles according to the target context. Posyandu cadres also involve experts from the puskesmas and the community to play an active role in improving the quality of the posyandu program in their environment. As for the educational aspect, it is shown by the efforts of posyandu cadres which lead to the empowerment of posyandu participants in paying attention to the growth and development of children. The conclusion is that the posyandu program carried out by the cadres is in accordance with real conditions to create changes in the behavior of the posyandu participating community through communication literacy education activities in the family and social marketing that are persuasive, educative, and innovative.</em></p> <p> </p> Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi Suryari Purnama Fachmi Tamzil Intan Silviana Mustikawati Mohamad Reza Hilmy Dwi Nurmawaty Copyright (c) 2023 Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Suryari Purnama, Fachmi Tamzil, Intan Silviana Mustikawati, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Dwi Nurmawaty 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 219 226 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.204 Media Accounting Games For Increasing Knowledge Tudents At Dharma Karya Senior High School <p>Increasing accounting learning in the millennial generation needs to be improved. In the era of advanced <br />technology and the rapid development of social media as literacy in understanding new learning methods, it <br />needs to be used so that students’ interests and talents can be channeled and improved according to future <br />needs and preparations. The current accounting function is not only to record but also to use it. To evaluate <br />the non-financial, social, and emotional condition of decision-makers. This is what makes accounting cannot <br />be replaced by machines and computers. Therefore, business owners, even as young as high school, need to <br />understand accounting so they can make the right business decisions. One way to gain a good understanding <br />of accounting is through teaching accounting. This accounting lesson is given by explaining the basic <br />concepts and theories of accounting, identifying simple accounting applications that have occurred in <br />everyday life with the aim of knowing the importance of accounting records, and explaining accounting <br />principles and cycles which are the basis for understanding accounting properly. The purpose of this <br />research was carried out based on the results of observations made during the socialization and teaching of <br />students to increase knowledge about learning to account with media games and increase the <br />entrepreneurial spirit for millennials and generation Z. This observation was carried out in class XII <br />students of SMA Dharma Karya. The results obtained are that the millennial and Z generations are currently <br />happy with game-based learning because it makes it easier for them to absorb the substance of the learning <br />besides that the increase in knowledge about accounting is also increasing, this is evidenced by their being <br />more active and comprehensive in solving problems in game-based learning.</p> Yudhi Prasetiyo Yeni Widiastuti Sila Ninin Wisnantiasri Diky Paramitha Novita Nugraheni Dwirini Dwirini Shufia Zuhroh Copyright (c) 2023 Yudhi Prasetiyo, Yeni Widiastuti, Sila Ninin Wisnantiasri, Diky Paramitha, Novita Nugraheni, Dwirini Dwirini, Shufia Zuhroh 2023-08-31 2023-08-31 3 3 227 232 10.51601/ijcs.v3i3.213