International Journal Of Community Service (IJCS) <p><strong>International Journal Of Community Service (IJCS)</strong> is to provide a community service medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of community service results that support high-level community service. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding all fields Community Service and Social.</p> en-US (Dr. Arman Harahap, M.Si) (Arman Harahap) Wed, 30 Nov 2022 12:06:28 +0700 OJS 60 Efforts To Improve Village Administration Services Through The Digital Mail Information System <p>The development of technology is currently growing so rapidly and is able to affect all aspects of <br />human life, one of which is the administration of the Kambingan Village which must provide <br />effective and efficient services to the community. This service activity aims to provide <br />convenience for the Kambingan village community so that the management of correspondence <br />can be faster and more precise. The service method used is using a qualitative approach with <br />data collection techniques through observation, interviews and documentation studies. Based on <br />the results of observations and interviews, it is known that the correspondence technology used <br />so far is considered to be less effective and efficient where the processing of correspondence <br />takes a long time. Therefore, as an effort to improve village administration services, a Macro <br />Vba Excel-based correspondence administration information system was developed which can <br />provide faster correspondence services than the technology used previously. The resulting <br />product has proven to be effective in facilitating the work of village officials, especially in the <br />process of managing correspondence. In addition, village officials do not have to worry about <br />filling in the wrong data because the resident's biodata is filled in automatically.</p> Andi Basuki, Moch Rahman Andrean, Madziatul Churiyah, Buyung Adi Dharma, Dewi Ayu Sakdiyyah Copyright (c) 2022 Andi Basuki, Moch Rahman Andrean, Madziatul Churiyah, Buyung Adi Dharma, Dewi Ayu Sakdiyyah Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Bioflok Technology In Local Shrimp Cultivation Systems In Efforts To Improve The Economy And As An Education Village In Pante Ceureeumen District, West Aceh <p>This research-based service program aims to seek to develop the research results of the <br />proposing team for community empowerment. The application of the research results was <br />carried out on the biofloc technology program in local shrimp farming systems in an <br />effort to increase the economy and as an educational village in Pante Ceureumen District, <br />West Aceh which is a potential aquaculture that must be developed. The application system <br />is local shrimp farming with biofloc technology. Biofloc technology is a cultivation <br />technique through environmental engineering that relies on oxygen supply and the use of <br />microorganisms that can directly increase the digestibility value of feed. This service <br />activity aims to increase farmers' income with high shrimp productivity and increase local <br />shrimp production. The activity was carried out for 6 months in Pante Ceureumen District, <br />West Aceh. The results obtained are to reduce production costs by 54% until the harvest is <br />90 days. The outputs that will be produced are in the form of international journals, <br />services, and methods as well as mass media.</p> Farah Diana, Mahendra Mahendra Copyright (c) 2022 Farah Diana, Mahendra Mahendra Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Technology Utilization Training In Material Design Process, Learning Engagement & Learning Assessment For Senior High School Teachers <p><em>The use of technology is crucial to support effectiveness in the learning process. In <br />this development trend, teachers are required to master and be able to use <br />technology inside and outside the classroom or Teacher Pedagogical Content <br />Knowledge (TPACK). This service program aims to answer the challenges faced by <br />teachers at the high school level. Through training programs/workshops, teachers <br />as participants are supposed to get knowledge about the use of technology in 3 <br />learning processes, namely preparing materials (material design), attractive <br />learning activities (learning engagement), and conducting evaluations or <br />assessments.<br /> </em></p> Dangin Dangin, Elysa Hartati Copyright (c) 2022 Dangin Dangin, Elysa Hartati Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 The Application Of Probiotics And Medical Plants As Immunostimulants To Aquaculture In Samatiga Distric, West Aceh Regency <p>The purpose of this community service was to educate the application of probiotics and <br />immunostimulants in aquaculture. This activity was carried out in Cot Darat village, Samatiga<br />District, West Aceh Regency. This activity is divided into three steps, namely: (1) Introduction and <br />socialization of probiotics and immunostimulant; (2) practice to produce probiotics and the <br />application techniques; and (3) the monitoring of fish health and growth during cultivation. The type <br />of bacteria used in this probiotic is Lactobacillus bacteria and the immunostimulant ingredients are <br />turmeric and curcumin. Lactobacillus, turmeric and curcuma are known can improve fish health in <br />aquaculture. The results of this activity indicate that group members have understood the definition of <br />probiotics and immunostimulants, their benefits and how to make and apply them in aquaculture. In <br />addition, fish health and growth are increase during fish culture compare before the probiotics was <br />applied. The differences that occurred during probiotics application in fish cultivation were seen that <br />the fish became healthier, the growth was better, and fish mortality decreased.</p> Fitria Rahmayanti, Nurul Najmi, Munandar Munandar, Agusriati Muliyana, Irhami Syamsul, Dini Islama Copyright (c) 2022 Fitria Rahmayanti, Nurul Najmi, Munandar Munandar, Agusriati Muliyana, Irhami Syamsul, Dini Islama Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Digital Marketing Training In The "Madura" Barbershop Business In Semarang City As A Solution To Msmes' Problems In The Era Of The Marketing Revolution 5.0 <p>Changes in consumer behavior due to the Covid-19 pandemic have shifted to online-based purchases. <br />Consumers who initially made transactions directly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, changed to make <br />transactions online. MSMEs must quickly adapt to consumer behavior changes to survive the economic <br />downturn. Digital marketing training is a solution to help MSMEs to adapt to changes in consumer <br />behavior and vulnerable communities to find business and entrepreneurship opportunities through <br />digital media. The competitiveness of the barbershop market competition demands to continue to <br />innovate and adapt quickly. The era of destruction is a challenge for businesses that have not yet <br />migrated to use Digital Marketing as the spearhead of expanding market reach, a new habit of modern <br />humans who prefer a practical and easily accessible way with gadgets. MSMEs must read the <br />opportunities and quickly keep up with the pace of the market which is controlled by digital technology. <br />The digital market requires skills, high creativity, and consistency in creating creative content so that <br />market interest can be taken over. Digital marketing training is already a major need for MSMEs, <br />especially small businesses haircut "Madura" so that their existence can develop in the digital market.</p> Bagus Yunianto Wibowo, Andi Setiawan, Irawan Malebra, Bayu Setyo Nugroho, Mellasanti Ayuwardani, Endang Sulistiyani, Aimi Anuar Copyright (c) 2022 Bagus Yunianto Wibowo, Andi Setiawan, Irawan Malebra, Bayu Setyo Nugroho, Mellasanti Ayuwardani, Endang Sulistiyani, Aimi Anuar Mon, 28 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Socialization Of The Utilization Of Household Waste Into Valued Products In Tanjung Selamat Village <p>Waste is one of the common problems faced by the whole world, including <br />Indonesia. Most of the national waste is generated from household activities. People <br />still think that garbage is an object that has no value and must be thrown away. On <br />the other hand, some of the waste can still be processed and reused. This service <br />aims to provide knowledge to the community regarding the handling of household <br />waste using the 3R principle. The target community in this service is the Housewives<br />in Tanjung Selamat Village. The method applied in this community service is <br />education related to the types and dangers of waste and socialization of the reuse of <br />household waste into products worth selling. The results of this activity indicate that <br />the community is enthusiastic about taking part in the utilization of household waste <br />into a viable product. This can open people's horizons to see entrepreneurial <br />opportunities that can improve their economy. partners showed an increase in <br />knowledge after participating in this activity.</p> L. Lindawati, Sari Wardani, Dewi Maya Sari, A. Alaisyi, Ahmad Zamakhari Copyright (c) 2022 L. Lindawati, Sari Wardani, Dewi Maya Sari, A. Alaisyi, Ahmad Zamakhari Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Negotiating A Change: Literacy Awareness <p>Cultivating literacy awareness is an important work for schools to support the achievement of <br />Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in Indonesia. One way to cultivate a <br />culture is to build a reading habit. This work aimed to increase literacy awareness among <br />student related to School Literacy Movement (SLM). The activity conducted on March 1, 2022,<br />until June 23, 2022, through Kampus Mengajar program. All student from first grade until <br />fifth grade participating on that program. Literacy awareness deliver through 15 minutes <br />each day (before class) read a book, storytelling the content of book, and literacy award to <br />student. Kampus Mengajar agents being facilitator on that movement. The impact of the <br />program was increased student participation in reading the books. Student frequently swapped <br />books to the library cause finished reading.</p> Ruly Ningsih, Rindiani Rindiani, Dika Tri Saputra, Nanda Erviana Istiqomah, Berliana Latifa Khoirunnisa, Vinka Rahmawati, Ika Nur Arifah Copyright (c) 2022 Ruly Ningsih, Rindiani Rindiani, Dika Tri Saputra, Nanda Erviana Istiqomah, Berliana Latifa Khoirunnisa, Vinka Rahmawati, Ika Nur Arifah Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Youth Creativity Media Empowerment Through Social Media Content Creator <p>Generations of Millennial, X, Y and Z are very synonymous with social media presence. More focus <br />on Generation Z which in fact were born in an era that is surrounded by cyberspace with Internet <br />facilities, cellular technology and digital technology that are connected stable. PKM partners are <br />students of MAN 3 Makassar and GMA-community to carry out optimization of science and <br />technology applications through content creators with social media platforms so that Islamic da'wah <br />media is more widespread and affordable to all people. The main target of partners is the digital <br />natives of the Gen-Z. They are the GMA-community Mosque Youth Association which their number <br />are 30% of the community population. The types of PKM activities are learning-by-project-based <br />training and coaching graphic design &amp; video-image editing to target partners so that new skills are <br />formed in the creativity of da'wah content on the created social media platforms. The results of the <br />technology transfer that have been provided are content creator training and the creation of 5 <br />YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Web media accounts equipped as account administrator <br />for managing social media and image and video products of the Islamic da'wah content.</p> Sirmayanti Sirmayanti, Mahjud I, Puspita I, Mahyati M, Rizal M, Hasanah U, Mujahida N, Yusrianto Y, Fadli MN, Rahman F, Adil N Copyright (c) 2022 Sirmayanti Sirmayanti, Mahjud I, Puspita I, Mahyati M, Rizal M, Hasanah U, Mujahida N, Yusrianto Y, Fadli MN, Rahman F, Adil N Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Empowering Women's Coconut Farmer Groups To Build Family Economic Resilience Based On Local Potential In Tidore Islands City <p>Coconut farmers' homes may have a poor economy or income since their goods rely solely on one primary <br />commodity: copra and coconut grains. It can potentially upset economic circumstances since, as the price of <br />copra and coconut falls, so does household income. As a result, help for coconut farmers, notably women <br />farmer organizations, is required to boost the economic worth of their coconuts. For example, the economic <br />value of coconut may be improved by producing various coconut-based goods so that farmers are not only <br />reliant on copra prices. According to the survey findings and the identification of problems with the partners <br />of the women's group Tani Igo Jaya, based in Jaya Village, Tidore Islands City, all members have <br />encountered economic difficulties due to the drop-in copra prices. It was exacerbated by the fact that it <br />occurred concurrently with the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, most coconut growers refuse to process <br />their coconuts into copra, and some coconuts go to waste. The issue is that partners lack expertise and <br />abilities in processing or diversifying processed coconuts, although all components of the coconut fruit may <br />be utilized to generate economic value. The solution that will be applied to partners is the transfer of science, <br />technology, and skills for partners in processing their coconut harvests, as well as the provision of solid <br />business management so that partners are not only reliant on copra. Furthermore, the identification of waste <br />concerns from processed coconut fruit will be minimized since partners can employ coconut water, coconut <br />pulp, and coconut fiber, which are presently considered waste but have promising economic value. This <br />community service project is intended to create a new entrepreneurial group by exploiting possible sources of <br />local raw materials available to partners, and it will directly benefit the economic resilience of coconut <br />growers' homes. This community empowerment activity was successful in increasing partners' knowledge and <br />skills in processing coconut fruit into nine products: coconut confectionery, shredded coconut (serundeng), <br />coconut chips, sweet soy sauce, coconut jam, coconut milk, coconut oil, virgin coconut oil (VCO), and pots, <br />as well as planting media made from coconut coir.</p> Zubair Saing, Haryati La Kamisi, Hamidah Rahman, Similanti Udin, Safira Safira, Dewi Titdoy, Elfhy Yanti Karim Copyright (c) 2022 Zubair Saing, Haryati La Kamisi, Hamidah Rahman, Similanti Udin, Safira Safira, Dewi Titdoy, Elfhy Yanti Karim Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Indonesian Maritime E-Leadership Training Towards a Digital-Based Marine Transportation System <p><em>In the era of digitalizing, a leader is needed who can provide clear direction and goals and understand digital development technology. The development of digital-based information systems in the transportation sector will have an impact on reducing logistics costs. For this reason, digital-based leadership is needed in all sectors, including the maritime sector.&nbsp; The purpose of this community service is to conduct Indonesian maritime e-leadership training toward a digital-based marine transportation system. The purpose of this e-leadership training is to increase knowledge of leadership ethos, increase leadership talents and interests, increase leadership creativity and reasoning power, and cultivate the spirit of community insight. Community service model in the form of training and service to the community. The training was carried out online and was attended by 531 students divided into 4 sessions, session I as many as 178 students, session II as many as 122 cadets, session 3 as many as 102 and session 4 as many as 129 cadets.&nbsp; The results of the service obtained that the benefits of Indonesia's maritime e-leadership training towards a digital-based marine transportation system are an increase in knowledge of leadership ethos, an increase in leadership talents and interests, an increase in leadership creativity and reasoning power, and fostering a spirit of community insight with an average answer of 73.04%, agreeing by 22.79% and disagreeing by 4.17%.</em></p> Ningrum Astriawati, Prasetya Sigit Santosa, Waris Wibowo, Benny Hartanto, Yudhi Setiyantara Copyright (c) 2022 Ningrum Astriawati, Prasetya Sigit Santosa, Waris Wibowo, Benny Hartanto, Yudhi Setiyantara Sun, 20 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Implementation Of Using The Microsoft Office Excel Application For Simple Cash Flow Recording For Msmes Fostered By Ns Creative House <p>Many companies use bookkeeping, but MSMEs are also in dire need of <br />bookkeeping in their business. Bookkeeping does not have to be complicated and <br />confusing. Simple bookkeeping is enough for small businesses to know the profit <br />and loss earned. This research is intended to assist MSMEs in designing <br />appropriate steps to be taken in the future and minimizing losses through the <br />preparation of good bookkeeping using Microsoft Office Excel Applications. The <br />crucial problem often found in MSMEs, especially the fostered partners of NS <br />Creative House, is the problem of financial management. Due to the lack of <br />ability of MSMEs owners to manage and record business finances, financial <br />income and expenditure are not recorded clearly and neatly. After participating <br />in this training, MSMEs fostered partners to become able to implement <br />Microsoft Office Excel applications in doing simple records, which significantly <br />affects business development. Through bookkeeping, MSMEs owners can see the <br />condition and development of the business, including the company's profits and <br />losses. With this, bookkeeping can be used as a benchmark for future business <br />strategies.<br />Keywords: Implement</p> Heni Rohaeni, Murti Wijayarti, Tyna Yunita, Julianto Sihar Pardamean Copyright (c) 2022 Heni Rohaeni, Murti Wijayarti, Tyna Yunita, Julianto Sihar Pardamean Mon, 28 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Empowerment of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) in the Context of Optimizing the Assets of Nyuhtebel Village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency <p>Optimizing the assets owned by the village is very important in order to increase the welfare of the village <br />community in a sustainable manner. Village-owned Enterprises (BUMDes) are village-owned business entities <br />that have a very strategic role as a pillar of village hopes to improve the welfare of its people. In order for <br />Bumdes to develop more quickly, Bumdes really need to be empowered according to their respective potentials. <br />The purpose of this activity in general is to identify village potential that can be developed, find suitable business <br />activities to implement, identify community needs that can be handled by BUMDes, encourage village community <br />participation in BUMDes development. The methods used include observing village conditions, providing <br />outreach to village communities, conducting interviews, and analyzing data obtained from these activities. The <br />results of this activity are 1) Finding some tourism potential in Nyuhtebel Village. Such as jogging track, village <br />library, Bukit Batu Gede, and BUMdes Café and Batu Madeg Beach; 2) Provide recommendations to Nyuhtebel <br />Village officials regarding business activities that are suitable for implementation in the Village and in <br />accordance with community needs, such as creating a business line as a supplier, this is in line with the <br />environment of Nyuhtebel Village which coincides with the tourism sector. Thus, it is easier for tourism actors in <br />the area to access purchases of supporting tourism needs such as vegetables, mineral water, kitchen equipment, <br />toiletries, etc.; 3) recommend potential that is in accordance with the current conditions of the Village and the <br />needs of the community so that BUMDes are expected to be able to improve community welfare. The potential for <br />Nyuhtebel Village that is suitable for viewing the environment of Nyuhtebel Village as a tourism buffer zone is to <br />create a business line related to tourism such as supplying hotel &amp; restaurant needs; 4) Providing understanding <br />to the community to actively participate in BUMDes and educating the community about the importance of <br />BUMDes as a locomotive for accelerating village economic growth. Suggestions and requests from village <br />officials, so that Community Service activities can evaluate both previous activities or strategic plans that have <br />been designed by Nyuhtebel Village.</p> A.A.I.N Marhaeni, Ni Nyoman Yuliarmi, Ni Nyoman Reni Suasih, Dewa Jati Primajana, I W Priyana Agus Sudharma, Made Sinthya Aryasthini M, I Made Putra Yasa Copyright (c) 2022 A.A.I.N Marhaeni, Ni Nyoman Yuliarmi, Ni Nyoman Reni Suasih, Dewa Jati Primajana, I W Priyana Agus Sudharma, Made Sinthya Aryasthini M, I Made Putra Yasa Wed, 30 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Empowering JPC Volunteers with Education and Assistance on Behavioral Factors to Prevent HIV/AIDS Transmission in Bandung, West Java Indonesia <p><em>The present study reports the newest comprehensive study on pandemic era for the Infectious Disease acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) the number of people living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) continues to grow, this needs to be balanced with efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS. The JPC Foundation (Jakarta Plus Center) is one of the important entry points for the community to reach out and educate on the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission in Bandung, West Java Indonesia. This study aims to determine the factors associated with HIV/AIDS transmission prevention behavior in HIV/AIDS sufferers in Bandung and Cirebon, West Java Indonesia who are within the reach of the JPC Foundation in 2022. This type of research was quantitative, with cross sectional, the study population was visitors to VCT clinics at shelters with a sample size of 85 respondents. The sampling technique uses accidental sampling. The research was conducted from May to November</em> <em>2022 with univariate (average) and bivariate (chi-square) data analysis. Univariate results showed that HIV/AIDS prevention behavior was not good 78%, adult age&gt; 25-49 (57.5%), secondary education 50.5%, risky work 69%, good knowledge 57%, negative motivation 62%, positive attitude 69%, negative family support 63%. Bivariate results show that there is a relationship between education (p=0.024), employment (p=0.002), OR=6.057, motivation (p=0.001), OR=7.221, family support (p=0.00) OR=7.778 with behavior prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission at the JPC Foundation shelter in Bandung. For VCT clinics to further improve counseling and education services, for volunteers and cadres who reach out to patients or families of people living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) to provide more support and assistance, also for the community not to discriminate against ODHA because they have HIV/AIDS.</em></p> Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Intan Silviana Mustikawati, Sukardi Sukardi, Erwin Panigoro, Ade Heryana Copyright (c) 2022 Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Intan Silviana Mustikawati, Sukardi Sukardi, Erwin Panigoro, Ade Heryana Wed, 30 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Awig-Awig Management of Marine and Fisheries Resources West Lombok <p><em>Awig-awig as the foundation of local wisdom, including in the management of marine and fisheries resources in West Lombok. The awig-awig arrangements include the prohibition of bombing and potassium, zoning of fishing groups, pumice waste, and the collection of marine coral. Awig-awig is written as a guideline in fisheries management as a form of sustainable coastal community development. Awig-Awig as a form of collective awareness of the community whose obedience is very large which has adapted to the conditions of the local community.&nbsp; </em></p> Wiwin Yulianingsih, Frans Simangunsong, Muh. Arief Syahroni Copyright (c) 2022 Wiwin Yulianingsih, Frans Simangunsong, Muh. Arief Syahroni Wed, 30 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Bale Mediation As A Dispute Settlement Institution Outside The Court (Study On Bale Mediation, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara) <p><em>The Supreme Court as the executor of judicial power has made various efforts to prevent these problems, including by increasing the number of justices from academics and other legal practitioners besides career judges, revamping the organization internally, empowering the oversight function to enforcing one roof for all matters. financial, organizational and administrative under the Supreme Court itself, but these efforts have not yet shown significant results. This condition certainly cannot be allowed to occur because it can trigger vigilante actions and can cause chaos in society. The solution to this problem is to develop alternative dispute resolution outside the court through non-formal channels, one of which is through mediation. Bale Mediasi is an institution that facilitates dispute resolution outside of court based on local wisdom, so that it can resolve various legal issues faced by the community without having to end up in court. The establishment of this institution is a form of government acknowledgment in providing protection, respect and empowerment for the existence of local wisdom through customary institutions in carrying out mediation functions, preventing and reducing conflicts or disputes in the community earlier, and holding dispute resolution in the community through mediation in order to create peaceful, orderly and harmonious atmosphere.</em></p> Muh. Arief Syahroni, Arief Rachman Hakim, Frans Simangunsong Copyright (c) 2022 Muh. Arief Syahroni, Arief Rachman Hakim, Frans Simangunsong Wed, 30 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Training on Preparing Financial Reports Using Accurate Software for MSMEs <p>The purpose of implementing this service is to provide literacy to MSMEs about financial reports, train and assist <br />MSMEs in Sememi village, Benowo district in the use of Accurate softwarw for menyusun financial statements.The <br />stages of service implementation consist of: planning, implementing and mentoring stages. This training and <br />mentoring activity can be said to be successful because participants argue that this training and mentoring is very <br />useful for providing understanding about reports. financial. This service can also be a provision for MSMEs to <br />compile financial reports with Accurate software.</p> Erna Hendrawati, Khoirul Abidin, Mira Pramudianti Copyright (c) 2022 Erna Hendrawati, Khoirul Abidin, Mira Pramudianti Sun, 30 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700