International Journal Of Community Service <p><strong>International Journal Of Community Service (IJCS)</strong> is to provide a community service medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of community service results that support high-level community service. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding all fields Community Service and Social.</p> en-US (Dr. Arman Harahap, M.Si) (Arman Harahap) Mon, 27 Feb 2023 23:22:08 +0700 OJS 60 Design And Build An Automatic Plant Sprinkler For A Farmer Group In Klino Village <p>This volunteer work is being done in Klino Bojonegoro, more specifically <br />in the Bojonegoro and Madiun border region. By supplying IOT-based <br />automatic plant sprinklers for watering the local chrysanthemum <br />horticulture, this PKM activity serves to support farmer organizations in <br />the community. Chrysanthemum and rose picking excursions are one of <br />the tourist attractions in Klino Village, one of the tourist destinations in <br />Bojonegoro. The female farmer organization Blooming Sari is in charge <br />of managing the chrysanthemum cultivation (KTW). Using hoses and <br />padlocks, traditional watering procedures are still used, and they are <br />done in the morning and evening. The approach used in this program is to <br />have casual, one-on-one conversations with farmer groups, followed by <br />observations of field requirements and the creation of tools. The stages of <br />activities completed include site surveys, tool and material analysis, tool <br />creation, tool testing, socialization, monitoring, and PKM program <br />evaluation. This PKM activity resulted to the creation of an IOT-based, <br />smartphone-controllable automatic plant watering solution. There are a <br />number of challenges, including those in tool manufacturing that <br />necessitate numerous trials, pipe installation that requires pipes to match <br />the position point, network limitations, and others. This leads to the <br />conclusion that this PKM activity is effective, capable of resolving issues, <br />and perhaps a solution to the issues facing farmer groups in Klino <br />Bojonegoro village.</p> Yussi Anggraini, Nikmatin Sholichah, Hodi Eko, Ganda Setiawan Copyright (c) 2022 yussi anggraini, Nikmatin Sholichah, Hodi Eko, Ganda Setiawan Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Utilization of Coffee and Aren Cultivation in Producing Non-Alcoholic Wine-Flavored Aren Coffee Products to Improve the Economy of the People of Kutalimbaru, Deli Serdang <p><em>This community service aims to utilize the cultivation of Coffee (Coffea Sp.) and Aren (Arenga Pinnata) plants in the manufacture of Aren Coffee with Non-Alcoholic Wine Flavor as an alternative to plants producing raw materials for innovative processed coffee products in Suka Makmur Village, Kutalimbaru District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra. The benefits obtained are increasing positive acceptance responses in the Suka Makmur Village community so that this area becomes an alternative for the use of coffee and aren Aren plants as raw material for coffee innovation products. Non-Alcoholic Wine Flavor which can be a new variant of coffee product innovation and increase people's economic income, as well as increase people's knowledge and skills on how to make Non-Alcoholic Wine-Flavored Aren Coffee. The result of the program is the achievement of many understandings and perceptions from the people of Suka Makmur Village who agree and are enthusiastic about becoming a center for the development and planting of coffee and sugar Aren plants. The formation of a technical team for making Non-Alcoholic Wine Flavored Aren Coffee to produce a mainstay product in Suka Makmur Village. The formation of an “IT” team that produces video tutorials and a marketing team (how to make Non-Alcoholic Wine-flavored Aren Coffee and how to cultivate coffee and sugar Aren plants, as well as sell products on social media). Producing ready-to-drink processed products of three in one size of 20 gr, 100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr and 1000 grams for sale thereby increasing the community's economic income and planting from the availability of 1000 seeds of coffee and sugar Aren plants to the community so that the forest in Suka Makmur Village becomes productive forest.</em></p> Deni Faisal Mirza, Devi Alvionita Alindra Copyright (c) 2022 Deni Faisal Mirza, Devi Alvionita Alindra Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Spotify Application Training in Making Radio Dramas as Extracurricular Activities for Literary Studios at Schools <p><em>The extracurricular presence </em><em>of literature has a role as part of literature learning in schools. Its existence provides extra space for students to deepen their insights into theory, appreciation and production of literary works as they can in the classroom. The purpose of this community service activity that is integrated with the Real Work Lecture is to provide solutions offered to overcome a problem. The solution carried out is by Training the Spotify Application in Making Radio Dramas as Extracurricular Activities for Literary Studios in Schools. The results of the activities of this community service activity program are: 1) Profiles of target groups that are able to self-help products as activities that encourage discipline, independence and knowledge; 2) Knowledge of the steps of making a radio drama which includes dubbing, script surgery, sound editing process, and uploading to the Spotify application; 3) Increase cooperation between the university and the school; 4) The creation of student discipline in spotify application training.</em></p> Een Nurhasanah, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Nina Puspitaloka Copyright (c) 2022 Een Nurhasanah, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Nina Puspitaloka Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Socialization Of Community Knowledge Management About Pharmaceutical Products In Suka Damai Village, Langkat, North Sumatra <p>Socialization of public knowledge management about pharmaceutical products aims to provide <br />information as a form of dissemination in the form of education. This community service was <br />carried out in Suka Damai Village, Langkat district, North Sumatra Province. The purpose of this <br />community service is to provide and practice knowledge about pharmaceutical products through <br />traditional medicines which are mixed from plant ingredients, animal ingredients, mineral <br />ingredients, galenic preparations, or mixtures of these materials. Traditional medicine can be <br />made into a simple product that can be made and practiced by yourself, for example roll on <br />aromatherapy or commonly called freshcare which has many uses in everyday life. Apart from <br />that, other products such as dry instant ginger drinks can also be consumed with various benefits.<br />The use of natural materials can also be used as a way to open business opportunities. Thus, <br />people gain knowledge and know how to make one of the health products that so far when they <br />want to use it they have to buy it first.</p> Abd. Rasyid Syamsuri, Siti Anisa, Indah Tri Utami, Juvantri Fablo Purba Copyright (c) 2023 Abd. Rasyid Syamsuri, Siti Anisa, Indah Tri Utami, Juvantri Fablo Purba Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 The Analyss Of Promo’s Implementation To IncreaseThe Purchase Interest Study Case At Niwa Garden Coffee Shop <p>Niwa Garden is a coffee shop located in the city of Malang, East Java. This coffee shop has<br />been around for almost three years. Having a daily income that can be saidto be quite large for<br />MSMEs, lately, Niwa Garden has experienced a decline in sales.There are so many people<br />who are in the location of the coffee shop, but little incomeis received. After being traced, it <br />turns out that there are several people who are members of a consumer group who do not<br />make purchases, but still use the facilities provided by the coffee shop. Seeing this, an <br />alternative solution to the problem was found by implementing bundling promos, which are <br />specifically for consumers who come in groups. This research was conducted to explain <br />whether the application of promos to products can increase consumers' purchase requests,<br />thereby influencingtheir purchasing decisions. This resource is intended to explain the affect <br />of promo toward purchase interest, include the influence of promo to increase purchase<br />interest that related to purchase decision.</p> Astrid Nissi Romatua, Arianis Chan, Pratami Wulan Tresna, Cecep SafaatulBarkah Copyright (c) 2022 Astrid Nissi Romatua, Arianis Chan, Pratami Wulan Tresna, Cecep SafaatulBarkah Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Sepasar As A Hybrid Educational Media And OnlineMarketing Of Sambilegi Market Traders In Covid-19 Pandemic <p>The important function of traditional markets is not only as a market for selling local <br />(local) community products, but also as employment opportunities that are very <br />beneficial for the community. One of the traditional markets located in Slemn Regency is <br />Sambilegi Market. Sambilegi Market is one of the driving forces in driving economic <br />growth and mobilizing the community. The conditions in the Sambilegi market are the <br />weak organizational network of traders which results in weak unity and inter-market <br />networks . Therefore, technology must be treated specifically if businesses are to survive <br />and thrive. Digital technologies create new economic dynamics and social environments <br />that need to be managed for technological changes in industry and society to provide <br />long-term and far-reaching benefits. Opportunities and opportunities for to <br />apply institutional engineering models and support the transformation of traditional <br />markets in the digital era. The traditional market digitization model embodies several <br />institutional elements, such as organizational, human resources, business, and network <br />elements. In addition, training is given to volunteers who will go directly to the market <br />to assist traders in learning the video material that has been prepared. The expected <br />output target of the joint community empowerment program is exists <br />enhancement knowledge, skills, HR capacity and organization, as well as digital literacy <br />of Sambilegi market traders.</p> Awan Santosa, Sri Handayani, Pande Nyoman Ariyuda, Mohd Fadhil Harfiez Abdul Muttalib Copyright (c) 2022 Awan Santosa, Sri Handayani, Pande Nyoman Ariyuda, Mohd Fadhil Harfiez Abdul Muttalib Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Empowerment Of Fermented Kitchen Waste To Improve The Economy Of The Sei Mencirim Village Community And Sell Processed Products Through Internet Technology <p>Sei Mencirim village is a village consisting of various tribes who come from several <br />areas in North Sumatra. Sei Mencirim Village consists of 24 hamlets.The Sei <br />Mencirim Village Community Work consists of groups that do not work as much <br />as11,72%, groups that take care of the household as much as 25 %,groups of <br />students as much as 30, 38 %, groups of retirees as much as 0,24%, groups of <br />farmers 1,46%. The total population of the Sei Village community is 8608 <br />population consisting of 4052 male population and 4556 female population. At <br />present the role of the state apparatus in protecting the community is quite <br />dependent on their income from work and farming and for those whose income is <br />uncertain therefore one of the easiest product manufacturing modalities to find is to <br />utilize household waste. Household waste is one factor that needs to be addressed. <br />From household waste management, it can be used as a product that has economic <br />value. An alternative to waste management is to deal with the problem thourghly <br />and sustainably by recycling waste into eco enzyme, which come from organic <br />waste, namely leftover vegetables and fruits. Therefore, by looking at the group of <br />housewives as much as 25 %, recycling waste management can support the <br />economy of housewives in Sei Mencirim Village as additional income.The service <br />team decided to hold socialization in the hope that the community, especially the <br />housewives of Sei Mencirim Village, could change their mindset and advance their <br />village in their own way and style. This community service activity for the people of <br />Sei Mencirim Village provides understanding to the community to mange household <br />waste into products that have economic value and support the economy for the <br />people of Sei Mencirim Village, especially for housewives and has an impact on <br />environmental cleanliness.</p> Errie Margery, Wan Suryani Copyright (c) 2023 Errie Margery, Wan Suryani Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 The Empowerment Program On The Use Of Efficient Technology Of Coffee Processing In Wanagiri Bali <p>The development of coffee-based agricultural businesses can improve the economy and <br />welfare of people in rural and urban areas. Besides that, the increase in the coffee <br />processing business also helps creating new jobs for the wider community. Village <br />community empowerment was carried out to increase knowledge, attitudes, skills, <br />behavior through activity programs and assistance according to the needs. One of the <br />coffee-producing villages is Wanagiri Village, which is located in Sukasada District. The <br />women of the Wanagiri village are members of the Family Welfare Program in Wanagiri <br />Village which is engaged in coffee processing and helps their husbands as farmers. They <br />asked to be given training and assistance regarding coffee food products to increase <br />family income. Coffee is a product that is in great demand by people throughout Bali.<br />Based on the demand, empowerment activities were carried out. Coffee products had been <br />produced and marketed by partners but not yet intensively, and partners wanted to <br />increase their quantity and quality. Partners did not have knowledge in the field of <br />entrepreneurship, so they experienced obstacles in managing the production and <br />marketing; moreover, they do not have a business license either. Solutions made to solve <br />problems faced by partners were: Providing Appropriate Technology in processing coffee <br />products; provide knowledge about good processing methods (GMP), sanitation and <br />hygiene processing (SSOP), product packaging and labeling, broader marketing, <br />entrepreneurship and business management. In addition, another solution was sharing <br />knowledge on how to obtain a production permit and provide equipment assistance. The <br />method used was active community participation and exploratory. The output achieved <br />was the use of Appropriate Technology in Coffee Processing Technology.</p> Ni Made Ayu Suardani Singapurwa, Aida Firdaus Muhammad Nurul Azmi, Fadhilah Lamun @ Jailani, Luh Suriati, Muhamad Hazim Bin Ahmad Nazari Copyright (c) 2023 Ni Made Ayu Suardani Singapurwa, Aida Firdaus Muhammad Nurul Azmi, Fadhilah Lamun @ Jailani, Luh Suriati, Muhamad Hazim Bin Ahmad Nazari Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Bakery Industry Training Assistance For Excellent Service Agency (ESA) Training Center Malang <p>Excellent Service Agency (ESA) is an educational institution for the service and <br />service industry in the city of Malang, which is engaged in training in the <br />hospitality industry, especially in the fields of tourism, hospitality, and selfdevelopment. ESA has difficulties in providing professional HR education in the <br />bakery industry due to a lack of equipment, besides that ESA also lacks insight into <br />food safety to support the quality of bakery products that will be produced, even <br />though safety assurance is one of the determinants of competitiveness in both the <br />domestic and international markets. ESA is also less able to expand its market <br />share because it has not implemented digital marketing. The methods that have <br />been carried out include: 1)Assisting ESA with 5 types of bakery processing <br />equipment for ESA to train more professional human resources in the F&amp;B field; <br />2). Training on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food Sanitation; 3) <br />Training and practice of diversifying bakery and cake processing from wheat flour <br />and composite flour; The results of this activity include increasing understanding <br />and insight for ESA employees and students as well as UPN Veterans East Java <br />students about 1. The Role of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food <br />Safety for the Bakery Industry; and 2. Basic Theory and Diversification of Bakery <br />Product from Wheat Flour and Composite Flour.</p> Mrs. Ratna Yulistiani, Andreas Sihananto; Mrs. Kartini; Mr. Trimono Copyright (c) 2023 Mrs. Ratna Yulistiani, Andreas Sihananto; Mrs. Kartini; Mr. Trimono Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Business Plan And Financial Plan Training For Tourism Business Start-Up, Kampung Sawah Durimanis, Dukuh, Imogiri, Bantul <p>Kampung Sawah Duri Manis is a start-up business in the tourism sector initiated by the residents of <br />Dukuh village, Imogiri sub-district, Bantul district. As a new business, Durimanis faces uncertain <br />conditions and low management experiences, thus a detailed and documented business plan is required. <br />The purpose of this community service is to assist Kampung Sawah Durimanis team management in <br />actualizing a business plan, and a business financial plan for Durimanis, through theoretical and <br />practical training. The output achieved by this community service is increasing the capacity of Kampung <br />Sawah Durimanis team management, namely being able to make business plans and financial plans that <br />are bankable or have a financial profile that meets the requirements for financing by the financial <br />institutions, as well as the realization of Business Plan documents. These achievements mean adding<br />insights and increasing the competence of Dukuh village residents in managing and developing <br />Kampung Sawah Durimanis Tourism.</p> Yetti Lutiyan Suprapto, Shadrina Hazmi, Bhustanul Arifin Copyright (c) 2023 Yetti Lutiyan Suprapto, Shadrina Hazmi, Bhustanul Arifin Mon, 27 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Increasing the Economic Capacity of Fishing Communities produced by Malay Fisheries and Tanjak in Jaring Halus Village, Secanggang District, Langka Regency <p><em>The aim of the Community Independence Program (PKM) activities in Jaring Halus Village, Kec. Secanggang District. Langkat, namely providing education about the character of entrepreneurship and exploiting the potential of fishing communities and Malay tanjak artisans in the village of Jaring Halus district. Secanggang by providing assistance training for Malay seriding and tanjak fish processing as well as digital marketing training. The activities that have been carried out by the service team with partners are efforts to increase creativity, innovation and productivity as well as increase economic capacity by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit through the processing of seriding seafood and the packaging of Tanjak Melayu. The results of the PKM activities obtained by the fishing community and Malay tanjak craftsmen in Jaring Halus village, include: Increased insight and knowledge of partners regarding the processing of marine products in the form of seriding and packaging of Tanjak Melayu, Improved science and technology (IPTEK) partners regarding business opportunities through the provision of Digital Marketing training, Increasing the economic capacity of fishing communities and Malay Tanjak craftsmen in the village of Jaring Halus.</em></p> Nurman Ginting, Syaiful Amri Saragih, Muhammad Andi Prayogi Copyright (c) 2023 Nurman Ginting, Syaiful Amri Saragih, Muhammad Andi Prayogi Tue, 28 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0700